Sunday, 28 November 2010


Sometimes you didn't knew you loved someone so much, until much later...
Sometimes you carry around this love inside you for a long time and you didn't even knew it was there anymore.
Like if it was sleeping and then it suddenly woke up and everything "click"when you are with that right person. Months and years can pass-and it's still there.
I can describe it as if I was a piece in a puzzle. I'm trying and trying with so many different pieces, one is too big, one too small, the third too square,etc. You can keep on trying different pieces to match yours forever and no one will really fit. Until you find the one that exact matches with your piece. Or maybe it was there all the time but you didn't want to see it.
It is so natural. You can feel it immediately. It's like a secret unit between you. A strong feeling that you belong together what ever happens. That you completely correspond and that it was meant to be.
You can't do anything to change that feeling.
Even if you sometimes and for some reasons try hard to ignore it, it won't dissapear.
This is how it feels like when you have a soulmate I think.

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