Monday, 15 November 2010


I spent this weekend in London, visiting a friend of mine who lives there. It's been so long since I was in London the last time. It's almost as if it was in another life. Atleast I had another life back then. I lived in Stockholm, was with my boyfriend at that time, etc.
Back then we went over to London quite often, on shopping trips and to check out the nightlife, to the Reading festival and so on. I specially remember the last time I was there. We went to hang out at the Notting Hill carneval with a huge group of swedish musicians and dj's. We stayed in André, (Mick Jones from the Clash) cousins house in Notting Hill. Mick Jones was there also, chainsmoking joints I remember. On my birthday we went to some market nearby and I bought birthday cake ingredients and made a huge cake for the evening of my B-day that we celebrated in a club. It was a big party- my London friends were organizing. They were all dj'ing there and then everyone went back to Andrés house to have an afterparty. He had turntables in his house so everyone was dj'ing and it was very funny and a crazy afterparty and my friend David got lost during the night and missed his flight back home, oh what a night...

This time I went alone, to visit my friend. I had forgotten about the smells and the "London feeling" and it now came all back to me, so cosy. I love London. It's a special feeling there I can't describe- of a city that is so old and all the history and everything else. I missed it.
I stayed with my friend who lives in Kensington in a typical London flat with the two doors and the little stairs sourrounded by a fence with those typical little square backyards, quite cosy. I could live here I guess.
We went to have typical London lunch with sausages and mashed potatoes and then we went to Liberty. Liberty is definitely one of my fav places for shopping in London, but is depresses me to go in there cause I feel this strong desire I want to buy every single item in the store and it's a tiny bit frustrating. I fell in love with so many things at Liberty's. For example a Stella McCartney cashmere scarf for 300 pounds, a Liberty agenda for 75 pounds, all of the shoes in the shoe department, etc... I decided that the next time I come to visit my friend in London I will bring at least one whole salary so I can have some spending orgasms at Liberty.
After some shopping we took a cab home to change for the evening and I called a couple of London friends that used to organize party's in London to ask them what was going on that evening. They told me the London nightlife kind of sucked for the moment but that a friend was having his Birthday bash in a hotel and that we could go there if we wanted. After an inappropriate amount of Tattinger each we went to the dinner that was in a cosy restaurant my friend had chosen together with a couple who works in finance. After that we went to the hotel party where I got arrested by the police. (That was a joke)
Anyway, it was fun and we continued the afterparty in my friend's place with some good toasts with cheese and ham, going wild on hypem scream singing The Clash on loadest volume possible and some more Tattinger...
The next day we decided to go cultural so we went to the Tate Modern, which is Londons national museum of modern art with british and international modern and contemporary artists. Since I promised myself to become more interested in contemporary art and start to collect it in the future it was a good choise to go there and check it out. After Tate we went to the national portrait gallery to check out the Taylor Wesson photographic portrait Prize which presents the very best in contemporary portrait photography with the most talanted young photographers alongside that of established professionals.
Was also a very interesting exhibition.
My trip to London was very nice but too short and now I realise I have to go back there more often.
I'm even considering spending christmas there since my family will be in Spain and I'm all alone and I prefer even staying in an empty apartment in London then alone in my flat in Paris. Well, We'll see about that, I know I will be back soon anyway cause the love affair between London and me is definitely on again.

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