Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Makes me so fucking angry how some people treat other people, think that they are the kings of the fucking universe and can do whatever they want, without never ever have any negative consequences for their selfish, cruel, falce and schizophrenic behaviour.
People with no real hearts. Who never learnt to love-for real.
For example now, when a person I know quite well to put it that way is pretending he has a serious relationship with some poor girl who lives in London, but the thing is she has NO clue of that he had another girl for the whole summer at the same time and lots of other ones as well, ( for example a little anorectic 22 year old he is fucking for fun and who is also completely obsessed with him) and on top of that claimes he is MORE than single each time he speaks to me, and that it's complete"bullshit" that he has a girlfriend. Makes me so fucking angryyy!! I hope this girl is gonna find out who he really is and fast.
WHEN did people lose all their dignity, moral and values and allowed themselves to lie to everybody about everything like freakin'12 years olds???
Grow up!
Or as we say in Sweden; cut your hair and get a job.

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