Thursday, 4 November 2010


A couple of days ago I went to the opening of the Russian filmfestival in Paris with my russian DJ friend, V, I met at a gig where we played together like a week ago.
First we went to a cinema in St Germain and saw the opening film that won prices at the Venise filmfestival this year. It was a heavy movie about two lonely men that bonded which eachother. Ofcourse there was some vodka drinking and some prostitutes in the film also which reinforced my prejudices about Russia a bit;)
After that we went out in the street and there was two buses that waited to take us to the afterparty at the Russian Embassy in St Germain somewhere.
The place was outstanding and looked a bit like Versailles with huge mirrors, red carpets and chandeliers and golden statues everywhere.
Everyone was dressed in cocktail and suits and the crowd was quite stiff at the beginning. All the actors from the movie was there and the whole russian crowd in Paris.
I was told the bartenders were in fact security guards, and they only spoke russian.
Everyone I spoke to took for granted I was russian as well, but the only thing I know in russian is "Priviet and "na zdrowie"!
Which I told everyone I met.
It was a huge table in one of the rooms with an enormous buffé of various russian food and ofcourse shitloads of russian vodka.
We ate and drank and I spent half an hour to figure out how I could eat a russian meatroll without a fork and another half hour to actually eat it.
The evening was really, really nice, but the end even nicer...
We were standing in a group talking, some people, me, V and he's friends and some others and there was still lots of people left at the party when suddenly my friend V made an incidental move which resulted in that a huge glass bowl that was attached to a huge golden statue (apparenly a piece of art from  1900 or something) was smashed in a million pieces on the floor.
It was completely quiet for a moment, no one moved, all eyes on us, until someone suddenly sais: - Mazeltov!
It was so funny that I had to turn around not to laugh my ass off and after this little incident we slowly took off "to go and get some air". I was laughing all the way out and V promised he would repeat this little "art performance" of his at the next party, which I thought was an extraordinary idea.

I am waiting with impatience for my next invitation to the russian embassy!

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