Saturday, 20 November 2010


Trust is very important. Trust is everything and without trust you can't built any type of relationship with people.
Last night I had dinner with a very wise girlfriend and we talked a lot about this subject.
If you are a sensitive, thinking person like us, comes from a normal home with a childhood filled with love you already have this inside you. We believe trust and honesty is the most important and its the core in our way of thinking and in relationships with other people and partners.We were never let down as children. We grew up with this unconditional love that made us the person we are today.
I'm not saying we are better than other people because of that. People who never had this can grow up and become loving caring wonderful persons anyway ofcourse, I know many examples of that-but not all of them.
That's why it is so hard when we meet ( have relationships) with people that isn't like this and doesn't have this inside of them even a tiny bit.
When we were growing up starting to have relationships , we always felt secure in ourselves, with lots of love to give, taking it for granted that we could trust the other person and that honesty is something that is so natural when you love someone.
Later on we discovered not all people are like us. "Fucked up" and lost people, due to their low self esteem, their fucked up childhood, their lack of love or other issues. They are destructive and very very manipulative and either have to destroy everything they have achieved cause deep inside of them they feel they are not "worth it" maybe cause of the way they were treated as a child -or people that once they have love they can't appriciate it and is compulsingly going out continuing seducing and abuse woman as if they were delicious desserts and not human beings, woman after woman, more and more lies, they are lying and lying and lying, it becomes a second nature- trying to cover themselves until it just gets ridiculous, or until their partner find out and the relationship is smashed into a million little pieces.

Sometimes theraphy can help, but as my girlfriend's theraphist said about the behaviour of her ex boyfriend: I'ts gonna take about 7 years of theraphy until he can get out of his fathers cellar".
I feel sorry for those people. Sometimes you think you can help, but it's actually very hard to change the behaviour of someone like this. It have to come from themselves, and if that is possible, only future can tell.
To be continued...

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