Sunday, 7 November 2010


One of the best things I know is to get hooked up with people I have never met, by friends in common, and luckily for me it happens to me more and more often here in Paris. Friends of friends that's coming to Paris a weekend or a week, modelfriends of friends who are coming to stay a longer period, or even friends of friends that decided to move here permanently.
It started already in the beginning when I moved to Paris, but has become more and more frequent the past couple of years. Since my friends knows I go out a lot, dj a lot and know of all the good places, nightclubs and restaurants in Paris, that I am very social and sometimes called a "partygirl", I think they find it natural to ask me to hook up with their friends and to show them around town.
I am also very curious as a person, love to meet new people, hate routins and love everything unpredictable.
I often go out to parties alone, cause then I'm free to leave whenever I want with whatever group of people I happen to meet during the evening and I meet the most random and funny people that way.
People tend to speak more to a girl out alone, then if you are in a group...
Other people might think, Oh no, not again, dont wanna be a partyguide this weekend as well, but I can't think of anything better than to go on "blinddates"with total unknown's which turns out to be really funny, creative and lovely people that's soon becoming my new friends as well. Since they were already friends of my friends, it's a very little risk I wouldn't get along with them when they have quite the same mentality as my friends.
Many of those friends who lives all around the world, ( L.A, New York, London, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, etc)  I keep in contact with and they call me every time they come to Paris and we'll do something and I would ofcourse do the same if I visited their countries.
So friends, keep on hooking me up on blinddates with your nice friends that are visiting Paris, so I can take them out on "allnighters" we will never forget.
Now I have to run- I'm having lunch with a very funny brother and sister I was hooked up with the other day, tell you more about that later.

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