Tuesday, 31 May 2011


So, I have survived another decade and today it's my 33'rd B-Day! Thank you all lovely friends that remembered me!
I'm thinking back on the last 10 years and can state that I have almost exactly the same life as when I was 23. Isn't it fantastic!
I'm not married, have no children, I live in Paris, working and doing business and I'm still dj'ing a lot. Exactly what I like with other words. :)
Some people might envy me and some other thinking that I'm nuts and still some other thinking that it's just great.
What have I been doing during those 10 years?
Well, I actually celebrated my 25th B-Day  here in Paris with my ex Swedish BF, we went on a lovely Paris-shopping vacation I remember and then a year later , when I was 26 I moved to Paris.
The Paris life have been like a rollercoster ride with lots of ups and downs and lots of new people and lovely friends in my life. Some for life. Last year I spent my B-Day in a spa, had lunch with a London friend and then a lovely dinner at Hotel du Nord with about 15 supernice Paris and Swedish friends. It was great. This year I'm having a dinner at Le Derrière tomorrow night with a bunch of fantastic people I like to have around me.
Today I've been thinking a lot of people that really matters in my life, you know who you are and I'm very happy to have you guys in my life...
What I'm having in mind for the following 10 years? -The same as the last! No, I'm just kidding, I would actually like to get married someday, and have a nice apartment again, well, life will tell!
Happy Birthday to me!
Ps) Pics coming soon....

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