Sunday, 15 May 2011

This is what I'm gonna look like in my castle, I'm gonna lie like this waiting for my topless male servers to come and pour champagne in my throat with a funnel.


I need a radical change in my life, or several.
Just so sick and tired of my old life now, I am so impatient,wanna change everything.RADICALLY.
I am tired of everything, my hair, my bad memory, my clothes, my I phone, my makeup,my too small apartment, heterosexuality,food in general, wish someone could invent new food and flavours I hadn't already tasted, I have eaten everything a million times, sick and tired of it!, Paris, eating at the same goddamn restaurants all the time, going out to the same goddamn clubs and party's all the time, talking about the same goddamn things, with the same goddamn people.
-Yes, Hello there, nice to meet you, yeah I work with that and that, yes I'm a dj, yes, I live in Paris since 7 years now, yes I like to masturbate in front of TV shows where they are torturing small hamsters by making them spin in a wheel dressed up as ballerinas, etc, etc

Things I'm thinking of doin' to change stuff: Go to the hairdresser and fix a new color, write a book and publish it, lose weight, (not because I need it, just because it's funny) buy a beautiful villa in east Hamptons, Long Island,get a cat or a dog or an animal of some sort,(maybe actually a bad idea), do a "kiss and tell" story, start to DJ at royal weddings, get a pilot's license, do an MBA at HEC Paris, or HBS. buy and sell art, rob a bank, move to a castle (where I can cook all day long naked and in high heels, sipping on expensive tasteless wine) go to Bali to "find myself", treat everyone I meet in the street like as if I thought they were FBI agents, always talk with a male bass voice while I'm on the phone, start every sentence with; "particularly" only eat carrots for a month, seriously live as if I was a reincarnation of Grace Kelly, move to New York.


  1. maybe you could come to my school and take a few classes. even get a degree:

  2. Yeah why not, you mean instead of the MBA at the HEC business school? ;)