Sunday, 1 May 2011


Had a fab weekend, my friend Nanna is in town with her friend Peter (the pumpkin eater) We met up for  dinner at lovely Derrière in le marais, like 2 streets from mine on friday night. Food was great the champagne was flowing and afterwards we took off to Raspoutine me, my bf, Nanna and Peter. Into the shadows and into  the holy land of champagne where we stayed  until soberness did us apart...
Next day followed with the obligatory lunch at my regulair hangout Café Charlot in le marais and some shopping at Rue Vielle du Temple. Weather was great and I had a couple of hours of rest before the "Pray for Japan" charity dinner in the woods at Bagatelle. Rasmus was dressed up as a geisha with a black geisha wig, the total makeup and a kimono. He was...hmmm, cute. We met up with some more friends who were in town and had a really nice dinner while we participated in the charity auction which was held to raise money for Japan. Nanna had donated a weekend at Berns Hotel in Stockholm, with 2 nights at the hotel, 2 dinners and entrance to the nightclub with a free drinktable. ( How very generous of her) Some french guy with red pants betted on it and got it and everyone was happy. The night continued until late and we got home at some obscure hour and lived happily ever after, (no details mentioned since this is a decent blog ;)
Pics on this coming soon, to be continued...

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