Sunday, 11 September 2011


( From the 12 pages Elle shoot 9/11-2001. Do you recognize me? Also on this photo, cool models Karolina Jakoby and Monica Rofler who I'm still in contact with...)

9/11 2001.
I had been in New York at J.F.K International only a month before, in August, to change flight to go to Los Angeles and LAX.  Me and my bf at the time were on a three week round trip vacation in California and attended a beautiful wedding in Lake Taho.
It was a nightmare experience since my luggage was missing when we came to N.Y and I was panicked and in a very bad mood the whole flight to LA, cause I had my best and most expensive clothes in my suitcase and I thought it was lost forever... Luckily I got it back when we landed in LA..

Had no idea back then what was going to happen there not even a month later and with other people also on their way on a flight to L.A...

I was 23 at the time and on this very day I was at Stureplan in Stockholm doing a photoshoot for Swedish Elle Magazine, where they portrayed different creative profiles, models and artists in Stockholm. We were about 15 on the shoot and I had quite a spectacular look at the time and was working with many different creative projects such as music and brand manager for Stockholms biggest and trendiest concept store, "c/o Stockholm"and I was modeling quite a lot as well.
We were shooting almost the whole day and I remember I went out in the street when we had a little break and then my bf called. He was quite upset and told me that two planes had flown into the twin towers a couple of minutes before and I thought it sounded unreal.
I went back in again and asked the makeup artists if they'd heard what had happened in New York and they told me in a low voice they were aware of the situation but asked me not to talk about it until the shoot was finished...
We spent that evening in front of the news and couldn't believe what we saw....

R.I.P all innocent victims.

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