Thursday, 15 March 2012


Thoughts: I am tired of being a "creative person". I am many persons in one. I know. I'm double sided, but I see myself as a moving element. I don't want to stay the same all my life and be this person forever. I wanna take it a step further. I know my roots and who I am and what I'm good at. I now want to develop into a two, tree or more side brilliant person without boundaries and I want to become someone you can't place in slot. Amen.
Eating: Fois gras and salmon
Drinking; Champagne
Company: Alone
Watching: Myself in the mirror (hello Dorian Gray)
Wearing: Black underwear
Wishing for: You to call me and tell me "lets meet up and just run away"...
Feeling: Ready to explode with spring feelings. Was walking on the wooden bridge leading from the Louvre earlier today. Almost got lost. The one with all the love locks attached to it.  The beautiful purple gold sunset in the sky above me and the gentle wind caressing my face. Don't ever think I've walked on that bridge before even if I lived here for eight years. I was watching the glittering sparkles reflecting the water between the wooden boards in the bridge as looked down... I was walking fast and when I saw all the couples having picnic and laugh it felt as if I would begin to cry, I don't know why. I kept on walking really fast until I reached the end of the bridge, then I stopped for a second and looked back at all the beauty the sunset and the lost love (in my head) reflected. Something told me the dream wasn't over yet, but I wasn't sure...

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