Sunday, 4 March 2012


                                        Rasmus, Nanna and Hugues dressed as a silver penis ouside Cirque 
There is nothing that I like more than when crazy, funny party friends  from Stockholm are visiting Paris. As I said before three of them were in town this FW to team up with me and have fun.
Let’s call them Nanni, Pete and Rick. After starting FW without them by going to a couple of cocktails and partyn on Wednesday they arrived on Thursday. After the Diesel storeopening in le marais we teamed up to check out my friend James Whelans new bar L’Inconnu in the 10th. An amazing crowd of people had gathered to celebrate the nice new bar and there were so many people we hardly saw James at all. Afterwards we went to NY Grandlife/La Clique’s La Bamboula party where we met lots of friends and the night continued until late at Silencio where I met even more friends from N.Y, London, Tokyo and all over.
The next day we were invited to a big dinner in the 16th, Avenue de Victor Hugo. The apartment was a palace like place with an orgie in gold, fine art and natural sized marble statues and with a private butler who lived in the apartment. There were maybe 50 people or more who had flown in from London and other places around the world. The butlers were running around serving us petit fours and sushi on silver plates and and champagne from crystal glasses. The dinner was nice and we met many interesting characters  such as ”The king of Ibiza” ”The girl with the biggest house in St Tropez” The face from of one of the biggest current fashion campaigns” and someone who called himself ”Ali Baba” among many others.  In the end the huge soundsystem built in in every room started to pump out Ibiza music on nightclub volume and a sea of 12 cm Louboutin’s started to dance around us. 
Nanni & Pete at the dinner
Afterwards everyone continued to Raspoutine where we danced and had a very good time. The next day we all had a long lunch at Café Charlot and the expression ”Piano Piano” was born.  The expression comes from an incident where one of our friend ended up with an Italian girl late at night in a so called intimate situation. It got a bit rough whereupon the girl says in a strong Italian accent ”Riiiccharrrrdo! ”Piano... Piano”!  We decided it was the FW expression of the year.  Another night we had dinner with our friend Hedi and  his girlfriend who were in town. We were a big crowd of maybe 12-15 people at Matignon. The dj pumped Swedish hits such as Lykke Li, Avicii and Swedish House Mafia and we were dancing in our chairs. The night went on with stops at party’s at Hôtel Contentinal, ”Cools” release party at Cirque, then Raspoutine to finally finish very late at Le Baron. Comme il faut at fashion week…
The week is still on and this was only a couple of details among many many other funny incidents that happened during our nights; (A kissing competition at Cirque, a guy we met at the dinner who repetedly called everyone of us ”Mustafa” (including himself), a guy with a heavy Tourettes Syndrom at Le Baron, smashing a scooter guy with a car door and a couple of dwarf stories.)
Tomorrow night I’m dj’ing with my friend Harvey Ambomo at lingerie designer Britta Uschkamp’s  cocktail at Murano Resort which is gonna be nice and then there are a million other things happening as usual...
To be continued.

Piano Piano!

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