Thursday, 1 March 2012


In this Fashion week survival guide I've listed the essential and extremely important things you need in order to smoothly go through Fashion week in Paris:

This is very important and makes Fashion Week so much more fun. One, two or maximum three other persons who follows you and who you follow through the whole fashion week and who you go to all the partys with. Normally you sit on an equal pack of invitations and you are each others +1.  
This is practical cause you share the tasks such as invitations, party information and taxi trips. I have had many different ”party partners in crime” over the fashion week years. In the beginning back in 2005, 2006 it was Yvan ”The Facehunter” and I who shared cabs and went to all the party’s together. Then it has been my friends Zoe, my friend Jenny, two Swedish guy friends called Daniel and Sedir, (that FW was just incredible) Italian Guido, NYC Pete and a couple of fashion weeks ago it was my friend the Swedish blogger Solli. This year my party friend Nanna from Stockholm is coming over to team up with me. With her she has two nice boys she brought over from Sweden. To be a good "Fashion week partner in crime" it is important to be a little bit crazy, to be willing to continue ”all in” and to have a good and positive attitude. If you against all odds lose your FW team members you always know where to find them again -at Le Baron around 5 o’clock in the morning.

A guy (or girl) who sits on all the secret and more private information about aftershows, partys and secret concerts. I mean the info which you sometimes can’t find on the net or in Modem. You send a quick sms to your insider and then you have the whole schedule, with hours and adresses in case you missed something. 

Everyone knows that it's hard to get a goddamn taxi in Paris when you need one. During fashion week it isn’t only hard, it’s nearly impossible. That's why it’s essential to have a good VIP taxi number you know you always can call and rely on, even 4 o’clock in the morning for your trips between the endless partys. (VIP taxi numbers changes often, so you do need to update. )

-THE FASHION WEEK KIT  (Things you need to have in your handbag or just have) 
-Your invitations of course. 
-A Modem (In order to see when all the shows starts and what’s happening during the night and where. -Starbucks latte. (Fashion week requires one big of those every day.) 
-Vogue cigarettes. (You are stressed, you need to smoke. Vogue ciggies and FW belongs together.) -Business cards. (F W is all about networking.) 
-A good concealer. (To cover up the dark circles under your eyes that starts to show after a couple of sleepless nights.)
Other optional things; A Press ID card, chewing gum, hairspray, dry shampoo, red lipstick from Chanel, a mask ( you are often invited to partys that requires a mask for the dresscode) An extra pair of pantyhose, friends with a nice hotel room (At Amour, Mama Shelter, Costes or The Four Seasons for example in order to throw spontaneous apéros and/or afterpartys.) A camera and aspirin.

If you have a demanding every day job it could be wise to take at least a couple of days off if you wanna go ”all in”. Especially if you are over 30. It is impossible to do crazy allnighters and club safaris with a lot of free champagne and drinks everywhere if you have to go up and be sharp at 9 the day after.

Don't forget a good and friendly mood.  Happy Fashion Week all of you!  :-)

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