Tuesday, 23 September 2014


The Paris fashion week circus is on again... Yeah it's the same year after year... Just goes on like a hamster wheel someone put spin on...
Oh dear I have done that so many times - but it's still magical, thrilling, adventurous, lots of energies in the air, people from all over, (lots of networking to be done) basically everything I love. My mood changes so fast... Not that I don't wanna go to the sun and the amazing Spain feeling- I'm dying to do it. But I must admit it would have been awe to hang out and do a bit of Paris FW this year even if I know exactly how it feels. More 'cause it was too long time ago I felt the Parisian autumny vibe and smell. Box fresh miu miu shoes, wet concrete, too young models in the queue for Baron and Montana, snobbish waiters, yes-we're on the list- shut up and gimme some macarons and a glass of champagne- gotta say hi to James Goldstein over there" Yeah, you know...
My dear friend Susie is there and updating for me, her boyfriend is the one in charge of all the shows btw, so it feels like I see it from the inside anyway, some pics she sent me yesterday: 

Susie, Etienne and friends. (Susie is to the right in black, I call her my twin-we are the same age)

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