Monday, 8 September 2014


Some more pics from my summer varation in Ibiza part II

Sunset Ashram...
Cala Comte beach by night...
Ibiza from the water

Me and Nadine swinging after a loooong night - turned into morning...
Beautiful hidden beach spot somewhere in Ibiza...

Reunited with my beautiful friend Susanna at Cavalli club on her Birthday

Lunch with my Paris/ London friends Stephane, Nenad and Claude at beach club El Chiringuito

Visited the London/Paris crews villa and took a dip in the pool!

Some random pic showing up in my phone at this trip ( who sent it to me? :)

At the frenchies villa...

Another sunset at Cala Comte...

Amazing sunset view from above Cala Comte somewhere...
At Pacha 

The day after in our villa...

Aniko, Laura, Catherine and me 

Catherine and the reindeer at the Farm where we lived

Nadine and me visiting the Frenchies at their villa

Guy and JJ at Destino
Parts of the crazy family!

JJ and me having lunch at Es Xarcu

The beach
Me at Destino Pacha Resort

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  1. Nice pictures! I'm happy your blog is back ;-)