Monday, 8 September 2014


Some mixed pics from this summers vacation I spent on my favorite island- IBIZA!
Me, my friend Nadine who lives in Ibiza ( to my right) and the Fuse team PRing around the beaches of Ibiza- Here on Salinas beach

View from boat between Ibiza harbor and Salinas Beach 

Ibiza town- view from boat!

My lovely island child and partner in crime- Nadine!

Me drinking coconut water on our way to a hidden beach...

The coconut water we bought at the old market was delicious! 

Strolling around in  Dalt Vila- Ibiza old town at night...

At Experimental Beach- lovely beach club at Cap de Falco where I spent lots of days and evening watching the sunset, chilling with friends...

Parisian DJ Nadir Sayah dj'ing at Experimental Beach 

Me and sunset at Experimental Beach

Ancien Greek sandals in the sand...

Experimental Beach view- You just can't get enough...

Forming the letters I-B-I-Z-A together with friends at Cala Comte beach 

Visiting friends house and lovely garden with amazing old trees in Talamanca

In my friends garden at their house in Talamanca- we later skinny dipped in the pool! :-)

Me having late lunch with Catherine at Blue Marlin

My hotel room at Destino Pacha Resort in Talamanca

Last day at the beach with Laura and the Ibiza Family Farm crew- at Experimental Beach...

Some souvenirs from Destino...

Me and new friends at "The Beachhouse"

Some of the Ibiza family farm members!
Destino Resort at night- Loco Dice rocking the decks! 

The name of our lovely farm villa in St Josep!

The whole lovely family at Cala Compte beach! <3

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