Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I'm listening to this beautiful, sad and melancolic song. Exactly the kind of song I like.
It fits my mood. Dreamy, melancolic, thinking, thoughtful, but with an inner strenght at the same time.
That's how I feel very often.
I am home for once. I'm almost never home. Always 1000 things to do. DJ'ing at some place, dinner with friends, some party I have to go to, Swedish friends in town I have to meet, a coctail or with my boy...
I am cleaning tonight. Have a serious day. When I was younger I always started to clean when I felt guilty for something. Like a way to cleanse my soul.
I am thinking a lot about religion and mindfulness.
I belive in "believe-achieve", which means that you will receive what you think about and wish for.
Right now I wish many things I would like to happen in my life, but it's a secret, if you tell your wishes they may not come true....

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