Saturday, 23 April 2011


It's easter. 3- day weekend in Paris. Massive! I had a very lovely one so far...DJ'd at amazing Hotel Ritz last night, took a cab there cause I was a bit late and outside the hotel it's always a door -opening- guy who is coming opening the car door for you, love it. When I stepped out of the car with my 14cm high heels dressed in black and with sunglasses on , some teenage girls in the street stopped and stared at me and started to take pictures, haha, was funny, they thought maybe I was some celeb who stayed at Ritz. (too bad for them I was only the dj:)
Ritz garden is LOVELY. So beautiful and cosy and romantic to death. When the darkness falls and the dimmed yellow lamps comes on, it's sooo nice. Think I'm gonna hang out there more this summer. I want to stay at that hotel forever and never leave. Just walk around in the long corridors with the red carpets every day,eat in the restaurant in the evenings and then go to the Hemingway bar for drinks in the winter and out in the garden in the summer. I would be happy...
Last night I played lovely french and italian love songs and sipped on MRS BOND'S the whole evening.
When bartenders asks me what I want to drink, I sometimes ask them to recommend something for me that they think I would like and the bartenders at Ritz last night recommended  MRS BOND, which is raspberry champagne with raspberrys in it. Really good, couldn't be better actually...
Tonight I'm dj'ing together with cute Cherry Bibi at Le Carmen, gonna be awesome and tomorrow I'm joining my boyfriend in the contryside, more about that later...

Have a nice fashionable and decadent easter weekend all of you,

Love from Paris

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