Monday, 11 April 2011


My friend Paul Armand Delille is half american, half french, 30 years old and kinda funny, that's why he deserves to answer my little questionary "Finish the sentence " here on my BLOGGIE:
His answers are written in red, Enjoy!

Finish the sentence :

Girls are so amazing

Last night I was DJing and then partying

I would never ever have done this girl if I wasn't so desperate for love

My mum is my banker

On Sunday mornings I like to brunch, smoke, take a bath

Never say always

Charlie Sheen is an inspiration to the youth of all modern democracies

If I was born as a girl I would masturbate in front of a mirror for a couple of hours, try tap-dancing on high heels, and then get in a cat fight with my best friend !

Friday nights are random

I really regret that I wasn't born a girl now !

Sex is comedy

When people call me in the middle of the night I always answer just to yell at them for a sec

I like to go to Shangrila

Goths are wanna be leather-witch fetishists

I have a secret crush on Louise Bourgoin

I would like to be naked on a perfect virgin beach

While I have sex, I sometimes do some texting

The next time someone offers me some mdma I'm gonna say 'what the hell. OK'

I'd rather eat sushi than eat pussy

Sex and drugs and popsicles

People listed at are jet-setters on scooters

I check my facebook too many times a day

Mike Nouveau is a good DJ

At 6 o'clock in the morning outside Le Baron I feel really drunk and desperate

Paris is the most static international City in the world

Right now I would like to be in Calvi with a glass of wine on a sunny evening

I buy all my clothes on Haight Street in San Francisco

Sometimes I secretly wish that I owned a Mini Moog D

When I'm about to pay and my credit card doesn't work I try to project smoothness and confidence

When I was little I liked hitting all sorts of objects with my wooden hammer

Cheating is when you are in a committed relationship and forget about it for a while

After 10 glasses of champagne I am still trying to catch up with Linda Romanazzi

Parisians are a total cliché : good dressers, arrogant with amazing kissing skills

The drinks are on me

Thanx Paul! :)