Monday, 18 April 2011


One thing that's really bothering me in France is the lack of service and the rudeness that meets you almost every time when you go into a shop. (Not luxury clothes stores, but like the pharmacy and smaller stores like that) The employés are talking to each other and doesn't give a flying fuck that you are standing in front of them behind the desk with stuff that you want to buy, ready to pay. No, they ignore you like if you were air and continue talking to each other about what they did last weekend or some other trivial bullshit.
In those situations I have to say load: -Bonjour! -Excuse me, but can I pay? I don't know if you noticed , but I've been standing here for a while and I am quite in a hurry! (in french ofcourse) then I look at them very not nicely, pay my products and are so disgusted by their total lack of politeness, I don't even bother saying "thank you" or" goodbye".If I hadn't interrupted and insisting on paying I think they would have let me stand there the whole afternoon.  I mean, wtf, doesn't those people want to do business?  have pleased clients who are gonna come back to buy? Apparently not. This is just so rude and have never ever happened to me in any other country in the world. In Sweden it is obvious that you don't speak to your colleagues for minutes and waiste your clients precious time and let them wait half a meter in front of you behind the desk like dumb sheeps while you completely ignore their existence AND wait until THEY have to say something to catch your attention so that they can freakin pay! This is just totally insane and one of the everyday issues that makes me dislike the French attitude even more.

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