Sunday, 3 April 2011


Saturday in Paris. Its the sunniest day ever and I just had the coolest loft experience. Late at night after having spent the night at a birthday party and then at le Baron I decided to visit my friend Paul's loft. (Paul is very busy during the day and me too, that's why he prefer to invite guests during the night instead of the day.) Paul who is a musician lives in this loft of about 1000 squaremeters together with his 3 friends, a painter, a writer and a musician in an old fabric that used to be a printing company in the north of Paris. The loft holds a studio with lots of cool vintage items where a girl who is designing dresses for Dior works, it has maybe 20 or more other rooms and every room is like entering in a different world. All the furniture are vintage and from the 50's, 60's and 70's and the atmosphere feels like something between visiting Andy Warhol and Huge Hefner at the same time. There are skateboards everywhere on the floor ( I think they are moving around that way in the loft) Books, old vinyls random artworks and vintage clothes are filling the spacy rooms, there are several bathrooms with bathtubes, oriental carpets and statues, walk in closets, a huge garage, and even a recording studio filled with instruments. Besides collecting dildos that looks like candycanes, catching rare lamb diseases and own a chateau outside Paris Paul is a DJ,plays and sings in a band called Open space and stars, has a musicblog with really cool music and works in the same company as me. I did an interview with him that is soon going to be up on my blog. Stay tuned.

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