Sunday, 27 March 2011


I get easily bored if something exciting is not happening in my life non stop.
When I get bored I go crazy. It 's a very uncomfortabe feeling. I have 1000 creative and crazy ideas in my head that wants to come out and I feel like eating blueberrys, kill someone, write a book, go to NYC, run  out in the sunshine, visit a spa, change the world in some way, think about why Alex Wang is only born in 1983, take a shower, scream, write on myself with a black filt pen, listen to music, adopt a child, order expensive stuff from internet, record an album, etc - at the same time. I'ts very frustrating. I sometimes wonder if it's only me.
ps) you might think that I'm drunk when I write this, but I'm not-anymore. promise!
ps 2) I can't stand people who dress themselves in too baggy jeans and who's daily nutrition consists only of french fries.

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