Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Miss honest, kind, real, uncomplicated, non dramatic people, who are not over -sensitive or offended (if you forget to kiss them on the cheeks or something else very banal.)
Who does not think you're snobbish and cold because you do not pay them 100% of attention non stop, have a milder body language and are not gesturing wildly while talking to them.
People who doesn't talk bullshit and judge you behind your back and then pretend that you are "friends "when you see them.
Who doesn't misinterpret things you say and thinks that you are rude or doesn't give a fuck about them. Who doesn't lie and try to fuck you off on deals and other stuff without hesitate a second.
In other words- I miss my Swedish friends,!     -To all you dickheads: Eat Shit!

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