Wednesday, 16 March 2011


L: Hudson jeans Montaigne Market !! Now! Come after your party, very cool.
LINDA: Have to stay here a while, what are you doing after?
L: Baron, for the special after, je te tiens au jus
L: Fonce au Scopiton pour Nissan Jukelighting,
LINDA: C bien?
L: C ok, mais sans plus
L: C'est vraiment nul! Je vais vers xx
LINDA, Ah ok, suis toujours ici...slept 4 hours last night...
L: Es tu au courant de i'inauguration du bar le malatof?

Next day:

LINDA: Hello! Im invited to coctail première classe, storeopening Renzo Rosso and then it's the Jefferson Hack @ pompon, etc, etc.../L
L: Hello dear, I have such a schedule I don't know where to start: Sergio Rossi @ 11 fbg st Honoré, Marie Claire @ Cantine du faubourg, Hogan @ Hotel Salomon de Rothshild, APC party @ hotel Crillon, crazy night tonight...
LINDA, Yes, I know,  let's start at Rosso party?
L: C ou?
LINDA: I mean Renzo Rosso, don't know if im gonna have time anyway :( sors du boulot et faut absolument prendre une douche avant , g dormi 3h cette nuit ;-) on s'appelle tt a l'heure...
L: T'es une warrior! Je suis au défilé Vivienne Westwood- après Sergio Rossi. Y a une after Westwood.
LINDA: Not yet, hanging out with crazy friends playing piano in a bar, t'es ou?
L: Suis au France Amerique pour mode china in Paris, Marie Claire est nul parait il.
Je vais aller faire un salut au Hogan...
LINDA: Cool, apparement Johan* est assez cool...t'es ou la?
LINDA: *Hogan ( damn autocorrector!)
L: Hogan very cool, Lezark is mixing
LINDA: On our way, see you! ;)


L: Boy George is here!

Another day:

GUIDO: -Hey Linda! How are u? What are u doing tonight?
LINDA: Hi! Going to Carmen later, but about 500 party's tonight, I'm stuck at a private party
GUIDO: At store opening whjyxh, party is on tonight!
LINDA: Stuck at private party, going out tomorrow, working tomorrow!
GUIDO: Going to Montana later!

Next day:

GUIDO: Linda, let's meet up and get drunk!
LINDA: Yes!  meeting a friend now, were going to the Sonia Rykiel party
GUIDO: Us: Maxim and Raspoutine
LINDA: What's happening over there?
GUIDO: Chez xxx party, everyone is going!


GUIDO: Are u still out? Baron?
LINDA: Baron!
GUIDO: Should I come?

Next day:

GUIDO: Hey! Where u at?
LINDA: Want to go to Paul & Joe, ysl and Fendi, but are so fucking tired and smashed so I'm thinki'n of stayi'n in, you?
GUIDO: Ysl , Fendi, V private, tired too...
GUIDO: Are u out?
LINDA: On me way to jc/dc w Swedish crew- you??
LINDA: See ya! :)
GUIDO: Number for xx?

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  1. This is just hilarious.... SO Paris Fashion Week :)