Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I am stressed....
Yes, womens fashion week started today here in Paris. I am always pull-my-hair stressed at fashionweek. Specially womens.
The chaos is gonna go on for about 10 days and there are so many things happening and so many friends flying in from Stockholm, London and New York and I want to see them all and I don't know where to start.
It's fun ofcourse, but with a full time job during the days you have to carefully choose your "sorties".
Just printed the FW scedule and there are around 5-10 soirées and coctails /night, as usual...
Gonna work with Swedish BON Magazine and dj at some fun party's, more about that later...
My new favorite song is Lykke Li's "I Follow Rivers" -The Magician Remix from her new album that you can listen to here on my blog. I've already listened to it about 25 times today only, so amazing. That's gonna be my soundtrack to this FW.
The only thing people are talking about here in Paris right now is John Galliano's crazy bad trip at La Perle last week when he was drunk and insulted people and what's gonna happen to the big maite Dior after this scandal.
Things I'm not gonna have time to do during this week:
-Eat properly
-Sleep properly
-Everything in between (except working) -properly.
But whatever, this craziness is only happening two times a year, so -Vive la Fashion week,
Updates are coming soon...(if I have time)

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