Saturday, 26 March 2011


Today it's saturday and on saturdays I'm doing the things I like the most.
So soon Im gonna put on my new Thierry shades, go out in the lovely, sunny Paris spring weather and do some shopping for tonight and then go down to my fav' café in le Marais : Café Charlot. -where I was a resident a couple of summers ago when my internet connection didn't work good in my place. Since then I try to go to Charlot as often as possible, cause it's so nice'n cosy and I love their brunch....
Tonight I'm gonna  DJ at Cha Cha, rue de Berger 2d here in Paris, my friend Karin is coming with me and she's gonna have some fab make up as usual since she is one of the best makeup artists around and we're gonna drink champagne and make people dance.
Stay tuned.........

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